Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hugo Data

Hugo Garden’s花果园

Hugo (Chinese: 花果山mountain of flowers and fruit) which is a mountain where many monkeys live together in the classical Chinese epic novel.

As we know, monkey is a playful animal and like a lot of fun so we named our group as Hugo Garden’s which sounds like an Eden for us to do our creative design with joyous feeling.

Currently we have 11 members in our group, they are 38monkey, tutu5, minifanfan, eostee, metal, jinn7474, momo, zoe, sioyean, hooyong and anerson khoo. Our group members are not mainly students, some of us are professional designers or photographers. Through this group, we share our ideas and experience with each other in merchandizing our design into products.

Actually our college is a college which with Chinese background. Most of the time, we mix with Chinese friends. Through this group, we wish to exchange idea and experience about design with other races in Malaysia. Like our first event – Rantai Art Event, surprisingly we are the only Chinese group at the event. We knew a lot of Malay friends during the event and also explore how our Malay friends do their design, how they merchandize their design. That event was a really nice experience for us.

In the future, we wish we can gain more experience in merchandizing our design into products and we would like to have our own exhibition too.


Sze Chie said...

I love your trademark monkeykey! :) it makes me feel like it's a small joyful notty slow loris. :)

Flipper said...

Make Brushing Fun <a href=">Flipper!</a> :)

Flipper said...

Make Brushing Fun Flipper! :)

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